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Which Software Is The Best At Extracting Data From Yellow Pages?

Which Software Is The Best At Extracting Data From Yellow Pages?

Why Are Web Scraper Tools Important For Business?

Because the Internet is a treasure trove of content, Web scraper tools provide us with the right tools to extract valuable information from countless web pages.  The data can be used for approaching the targeted prospects. These prospects can be a company you want to partnership with, or your future customers likely to buy your products.

Are You Looking For The Best Software To Extract A Huge Amount Of Data From The Yellow Pages?

If you're looking to extract data from the Yellow Pages website, you'll see that the web is full of diversified data. Whether you are a tech-savvy users who are either looking to learn to scrape on the web or interested in extracting small amounts of data from some websites, finding and extracting the targeted data from these pages manually is not possible. For extensive and frequent web data extraction, it is best for you to have a fully managed solution.
Yellow Pages Extractor is the only solution that can extract thousands of Yellow Pages business details in minutes for you.

How Can Yellow Pages Help You With Email Marketing/Phone Marketing / SMS Marketing?

Yellow Pages is the best source of contact information. You can approach business owners or decision maker listed on Yellow Pages directly by having their contact information. The Yellow Pages directories are also easy to use. You just need to enter the person's name and location and press the find button to get the required information. Instantly displays contact information for the person you searched for. Similarly, the Yellow Pages guides also help you find businesses online. You must first export these yellow page addresses to an Excel spreadsheet or any other database before you start email marketing/telemarketing/ SMS marketing.

How Do You Export Yellow Pages Search Results To An Excel Sheet?

Search results can show thousands of contacts across multiple yellow pages. You cannot manually export the yellow page data to Excel by copying and pasting the addresses into your Excel spreadsheet. This is where Yellow Pages Extractor can help you quickly export yellow page directories data to Excel with a single click.

Why Yellow Pages Extractor?

This software supports the USA, Canada, UK, Austria, India and New Zealand yellow pages websites. It contains chrome browser so that you can do search with your keywords on the yellow pages websites.
· Yellow Pages Extractor Extract brand name, category, address, city, country, zip code, email, fax, phone, website link, state and much more.
· Perfect search with specific keywords, just like you did in the Yellow Pages directory
· One dashboard for the screen to get all the information in one view
· Eliminate duplicate contacts helps you create an error-free database at a fast speed.
For More Details Please See the Video.


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